Friday, February 15, 2013

Tips To Weed Out Frauds And Scams When You Hire Removal Companies In London

It is a homeowner’s classic nightmare: dealing with all the stress of moving to a new home and taking care of all sorts of responsibilities only to find out that the removal company you hired is a fraudulent one! Imagine the horror of having all your belongings stolen by the “removal team” you hired to make your job an easier one.

Some scams may not be that extreme, and may only disappear with the money you paid them, which isn’t any more reassuring really!

In the midst of all the stress and chaos that comes with moving houses, you do not need the added worry of wondering whether the professionals you hired to move all your things are a dependable, legitimate team or not. The entire point of hiring a professional team is to reduce the stress of moving, not to add to it. Which is why it is important that before you hire any team or make any concrete decisions, you should learn to tell the difference between genuine service providers and potential con artists. A few simple tips and tricks, a little awareness and careful evaluation could save you a lot of trouble!
The first yardstick to judge service providers by is to see how friendly and open to communication they are. This refers to how easily available and accessible they are and also to the modes of communication they use. If the only ways of contacting a removal team is via the phone or e-mail, you should probably look a little deeper into the business before making a decision. Ideally, any legitimate business will have a registered address and they will be more than happy to have you visit their office or business premises. If a team is unwilling to provide these details or discourages you from visiting, you probably have good reason to worry. Even if a business is small, if they are legitimate they will have nothing to hide.

Secondly, removal teams that are so eager to take on the job that they offer you quotes and deals that outcompete anything else you have heard in the market are trying too hard to get you to agree. While outright scepticism isn’t what we are advising, you should know that things that sound too good to be true usually are! So, if a company offers you a removals quote that is much lesser than those provided by other removal teams, you should be careful. Companies will offer competitive pricing but no legitimate team will give you a deal that isn’t in tune with the market rates.

Removal teams that request upfront payments or significant deposits before the move are a big no-no. The minute there is any indication of wanting payments before the job is started, your red flags should go up. A lawful and responsible removal team will only accept payment for the work they have done, after they have done it. At most, a team should ask you for a booking fee just to reserve the date, and this usually is so small an amount that it won’t matter. This is to make up for any last-minute cancellations so that it’s not a complete waste of their time. Even so, most companies that care about their customers won’t request any payment till after the move.

Removals teams that try to discourage you from seeking your own insurance cover, and don’t provide insurance documents of their own, are usually a sign of potential scams. Always request an insurance cover and have the papers verified much before the move. Also let the team know you’ll be insuring your items on your own as well. Any resistance to either of these actions is a sign that you should hire another team.

This article and photo is contributed by our guest author Angela Harpert, a devoted blogger and a devoted housewife who is always ready to share useful tips for your Maida vale Relocation.

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